Welcome to X-Sell Auction Services.       Auction Sign resized                As you read through our introductory letter we hope that you will see why we set the standards in auctions, appraisals and liquidations. We pride ourselves in developing personalized, professional business strategies built on honesty and intelligence, with special attention to detail and service. At X-Sell Auction Service you can rely on a unique combination of financial strength, diversified experience, and unparalleled professional expertise to provide guidance in evaluating and managing assets effectively for maximum return based on market conditions.Over the years, we’ve designed a wide variety of individualized marketing plans to meet the special needs of industrial, financial and institutional clients. We’re proud of the diversity of our approaches and the success of our efforts.We are professionals in the marketing of any and all industrial equipment through both direct-mail and print media advertising. We can identify the target companies and individuals who are proven auction buyers so that we can maximize the return for each client we serve.All our efforts unite to bring you a successful auction sale. From on-site plant preparation to advertising and the actual auction, X-Sell will help you to achieve the highest dollar return on your investment.X-Sell’s areas of expertise cover the world of manufacturing. Our experts can evaluate assets in such industries as metalworking, fabricating, stamping, plastics, textiles, jewellery, machinery, rubber, woodworking, aerospace, printing and food processing. For virtually every industry, X-Sell has the expertise you can rely on.

Every auction-no matter what the size-is handled down to the smallest detail. We design a thorough marketing plan outlining each step, including the advertising and organization that will result in a successful sale. The competence and confidence of our professional auctioneers guarantees excellent results.Bankers, attorneys, accountants, buyers and sellers depend on X-Sell. We have Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) and Canadian Personal Property Appraisers on staff.

Our knowledge of current market values and our understanding of the dynamics of an auction insure that our clients will maximize their return through our sales. From large pieces of machinery to small manufacturing plant items, we’ve learned the most effective ways to prepare, organize, catalogue and display inventory to facilitate a successful sale.

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