Appraisals conducted to determine values in use or liquidation values are calculated on a piece by piece basis. Each item is reviewed and all pertinent information is gathered. Values are established based on in-depth analysis, resourcing our experience and wide range of historical data on hand. Evaluating assets for loans, capital restructure and ongoing management assistance is a specialty of X-Sell. Should the solution necessitate a liquidation the appraisal would reflect the anticipated gross return that the assets would be expected to realize by way of an orderly liquidation within today’s market conditions. X-Sell has the ability to appraise assets nationwide with our wide range of net working we offer a full service company that has experts waiting to service your needs. Our appraisers are credited by completing courses in the industry fields that expands our knowledge to provide a fair and accurate appraisal that will provide the client with a complete and accurate appraisal.