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We've spent years getting to know the people who buy at auctions. They respect our knowledge that our auctioneers and appraisers are seasoned experts that will give you a fair price and work hard for our clients. X-Sell Auctions and Appraisals was started in 1994, after many years with another major auctioneering firm Mr. Wells started X-Sell to provide a fair and alternative choice for the industry. X-Sell Auctions is a full service company, privately owned company engaged in all aspects of asset management, equipment recovery.

Our innovative organization has evolved through the years, advancing technologies and challenging market condition, to be the leader in the field of asset management and recovery services. As well we are proud to have served trustees and receivers, major banking institutions, insurance and finance companies, prestigious law firms, licensed bailiffs, and principals of major corporations in the industry. X-Sell's name, affiliated with the various recovery solutions, has blended an association of honesty, integrity and satisfaction for customers with commitment, expertise and success for our clients

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